Yes, you are able to sit in to enjoy your doughnuts at each of our locations.

Seating is first come, first served, we do not take bookings.

We look forward to your visit!

We make all of our doughnuts fresh every day in our Glasgow bakery. We create all of our glazes and fillings in house, using natural and seasonal ingredients as much as possible.

We make 3 types of doughnuts.

1) Yeast-raised brioche:

After spending over a year experimenting with our signature brioche dough, we have developed brioche doughnuts which are delightfully light and fluffy, yet structured enough to be ideal for adding our homemade glazes, custards, compotes and toppings, using only the best ingredients we can source! It takes a long time each day to produce a batch of doughnuts from start to finish, meaning early starts most days for Tantrum’s Pastry Chefs!

2) Old fashioned doughnuts:

Our “Old fashioned” or “cake” doughnuts use different ingredients; like sour cream and buttermilk; to produce a crumbly and cakey texture with a cracked surface. As no yeast is added to this style of doughnuts they don’t rise high – like our brioche doughnuts – but with natural ingredients such as nutmeg and buttermilk, they pack loads of flavour!

3) Vegan doughnuts:

With our Vegan doughnuts we have tried to emulate our beloved brioche dough, as at Tantrum we want everyone to enjoy the same excellent experience. To achieve this our kitchen team have been working hard for a long time to develop their recipe. We use high-quality dairy-free alternatives, such as chia seeds and coconut oil. As with our other doughnuts, our Vegan flavours are made fresh by hand every day. We only make small batches of these, so get in early to get your hands on them!

*Our Vegan doughnuts are prepared and handled in a bakery that handles dairy and egg, transported and displayed in our shops alongside our other doughnuts. We cannot guarantee there will be no cross-contamination. Purchase is at customer discretion.

We take allergies very seriously, so please ask a member of staff for more information if you suffer from any allergies.

All of our doughnuts contain high amounts of gluten. Due to the large amount of gluten-rich flour we use in our small kitchen, gluten-free doughnuts would just not be possible without heavy cross-contamination, making it very unsafe for those with a gluten allergy/intolerance.

Not all of our doughnuts contain nuts, however, due to products being made on shared equipment and work surfaces, we would advise those with nut allergies not to consume any of our products.

View Our Allergens at the bottom of this page. 

The majority of the time all of our doughnuts are Vegetarian, we do however bring out special favours which may not be. Best to ask in store for details!

Our homemade marshmallows are not Vegetarian.

As all of our doughnuts are handmade the nutritional information varies. The process of obtaining accurate nutritional information would be expensive and time consuming for our small business, as our menu does change. We take pride in having developed all our own recipes and are particular about choosing high quality ingredients in the production of our treats. As a small scale bakery serving ready-to-eat products, we are not required by the Food Standards Agency to undertake the expense of developing nutrition labels for our products. All members of the Tantrum Team are happy to answer basic questions about ingredients in our scratch-made products, so that folks with food allergies and dietary restrictions are able to select products to fit their particular needs.

Our doughnuts are freshly-made in-house daily, using mostly natural ingredients and no preservatives and are therefore best eaten on the day of purchase.

The best way to keep your doughnuts fresh for consumption later in the day is to keep them in the box they were purchased in (away from direct sunlight, of course) or kept in an air-tight container at room temperature.

Please note: putting our doughnuts in the fridge will result in a stale product.

Yes! Please see our Custom Piping page for further information.

We need to have your order in and confirmed by midday the day before.

Custom piping is available for collection only.

Our doughnuts and soft drinks are available for delivery locally on Deliveroo from all three of our shop locations.

We are unable to deliver large Event orders at this time.

All of our doughnuts are individually-priced, based on the great, fresh ingredients they contain.

We take 10% off the price of a dozen doughnuts.

Yes, we love meeting your dogs!

We are not currently looking for any new wholesale business.

Thank you for your interest, though!


Find our Allergens Sheet here

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We require advance notice, The deadline is 3pm the day before you want to collect your doughnuts. If you contact us after this deadline we may not be able to fulfil your request.
We require advance notice, The deadline is 3pm the day before you want to collect your doughnuts. If you contact us after this deadline we may not be able to fulfil your request.
We require advance notice for larger orders.
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